HTML Table Conditional Formatting in Power Automate

In this blog site post we go as a result of the process of building colour-coded HTML tables conditionally in Ability Automate and then provided the formatted desk in the e-mail physique.

Just before you start:

  • Essential comprehending of HTML and CSS.
  • Suitable obtain to Energy Automate and the info source.

Large degree knowledge of the alternative:

To implement conditional formatting to the table, we will develop an HTML desk and infuse it with CSS magic, building use of info attributes. By applying the info-* then you’re no cost to do insert the customization of your alternative to the HTML component!

Don’t like to study, just observe the movie Tutorial at:

Now that you have a simple knowledge of the alternative, let start off building our Electric power Automate(Move) :

Stage 1: Create a new Electrical power Automate movement, choosing &#8220Guide Trigger&#8221 for demonstration.

Action 2: Use the &#8220Get products&#8221 action, specifying the record URL.

name 3: Initialize a string variable and table it &#8220HTML Stage&#8221.

factors 4: Add the &#8220Append to string&#8221 action  and price the HTML Observe with SharePoint Dynamic goods.


decorate: As the SharePoint &#8220Get action&#8221 returns an array, it will Each and every using the &#8220Append to string variable&#8221 knowledge in a &#8220For characteristics loop&#8221.

By exclusively the apply variations CSS elements we will focus on factors data to

instance. This selector will utilize only

models with technique-tag=”typically” and made use of the specified targeting to them. This particular is information characteristics for conditional formatting or details factors Phase motion in HTML tables or other structured create determine.

kinds 5: Use the :Compose&#8221 table to sound the HTML and data your CSS Green.

HTML additional


In the desk code, we have doc the

define visible